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Evolution Illustrated is not just a company it's a philosophy and just like life matures and evolves, so does our artwork and products.  Which is why our mission statement follows suit.  As a company, We take great honor in producing enlightning, educational, and entertaining products for everyone that loves and creates art.  We also realize that we have a responsibility  to make a positive impact on our world and community.  We will partner with like minded individuals and companies to give our consumers and patrons the best experience as a whole that we can.

I feel that your art matures as your life does and in many cases evolves into something more than it was.  I have several iterations of my art through the periods of my life.  And I can safely say I'm still evolving as a man, artist, and human being.  I thank GOD for my struggles and look forward to the challenges he has in store for me.

I am originally from Memphis Tennessee.  I graduated from Tennessee State University in Studio Art in 1996.  Life happened and later went into the work force.  I later started doing 3D animation and Video Editing which still required a lot of my art skills.  I have recently focused the majority of my attention on my comic book series and look forward in growing the brand beyond what it is today.

The mission of Evolution Illustrated is to produce enlightening, educational, and entertaining products that are positive and uplifting for our world and community.

We have several products for the consumer audience.  We sell comic books, posters, and T-shirts based off the character Black Tiger. In addition to comics, I also have paintings and prints of some of my oil, acrylic, and watercolor works. Please support Evolution Illustrated by purchasing merchandise and you are always welcome to donate.  Products are updating periodically so check back often.  You will never know what you may find.  


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